Susie Sievers was gone. Who killed her? And why did they want her dead? lol. This “Serial” Parody podcast is the brainchild of the talented Gary Kelly and Lindsay Shaw. I had a great time voicing the hyper intelligent and condescending Stephan Polk who you will meet in Episode 6. Tune in here on iTunes or search it on your Podcast App to hear this funny and twisted podcast. PS: The best part is the episodes are only around 20 min so you’ll have plenty of time to do more important things like laundry and re-grouting the shower.

The Podcast: In October of 2015, Susie Sievers, a 22 year-old resident of Moonpark, Arizona went missing. The town only noticed that she was missing after about four days, but once they knew she was gone they combed the city looking for her. During the search, her devoted boyfriend, Josh Handy discovered two wrists and a leg in a dumpster behind a Circle K. The one on Bell Avenue.

Lawrence Davies became obsessed with the Sievers cold case after receiving an accidental tip from a local community e-mail newsletter. After convincing his trusty producer, Casey Palmer, to join him in the investigation, the two set out to find out what happened to Susie Sievers.

The local Sheriff is a former Buick dealer, the D.A. is incompetent, and no one seems to suspect the boyfriend, the town’s golden boy.

If Lawrence and Casey can handle the lies, the never-ending twists, and the unbearable heat, they might just solve this murder.