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BACK IN BLUE working with the talented Elle Shaw and reuniting with Martin Dorsla after shooting a cop drama years ago for Benny Boom in Inglewood. WOLVES is a poignant film that hopefully will make a difference. Glad to be […]

State of Ward

WORKING WITH THE MAN OF STEEL. It’s not everyday you get to work with #superman Dean Cain. In STATE OF WARD I play Sergeant Dekkard, a Pennsylvania cop in charge of a bad hostage situation opposite Cain’s rogue detective. Can you […]

Doolittle’s Heroes

PORTRAYING HEROES. I was lucky to play Capt. Francis S. Low, in the WWII film DOOLITTLE’S HEROES opposite Casper Van Dien. After Pearl Harbor Capt. Low came up with the crazy idea to launch bombers off of an aircraft carrier […]

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